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Buy Coins Delray Beach

Buy Coins Delray Beach

How to Buy Coins at Andrews Coin in Delray Beach

There are many different resources available to you when you decided to purchase a coin, the most common include the Internet, auctions and coin dealers, and pawn shops. At Andrews Coin we specialize in selling some of the very best and most valuable coins in the city of Delray Beach.

As a collector you are likely to turn to the Internet for any of a variety of reasons. While the Web can be of significant help, it’s very important that you recognize it, and your, limitations when it comes to buying coins.

Come Visit and See before you buy

A mandatory rule, especially for the novice collector, is to avoid buying any coins on the Internet, at least until you have a thorough grounding in grading. Like most rules, there are exceptions, like buying American Eagle gold or silver coins online from the U.S. Mint. The Mint, after all, is a reputable dealer, they aren’t going to rip you off. Still the general rule to follow here is: “Don‘t buy a coin without seeing it, until you can grade it yourself.” Our Delray Beach coin and jewelry store is easy to find and right in the heart of the Delray Beach area.

Grading A Coin

Learning to grade any coin accurately is a talent that will save you many dollars over a lifetime of collecting. Don’t depend on others to do your grading for you, grading is subjective, but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy expensive gold coins before getting a good look at them.

Use Auctions to Buy Coins

The average person is likely to be more familiar with coin auctions on the Internet, but there is much more going on than that. Several large auction houses do only coin auctions, and hundreds of country auctions disperse large quantities of coins. There are also firms that only do telephone or mail bid auctions, or specialize in world and international coins.

The major coin auction firms issue catalogs for the sales they conduct, as well as setting up a room where the lots can be examined by potential bidders. Most coin auction catalogs contain a wealth of information that is not always available from other sources. The photos are of the actual coins in the auction, a point that is not always true of coins offered on the Internet.

A typical sale may contain up to several thousand lots. A lot may consist of a single, certified gold coin, it may contain several hundred silver coins, it may be made up of dozens of bullion gold coins or two or three rare old coins. Generally speaking, there is no limit on lot size. If you have your eye on a single coin in a lot with multiple coins, you must bid, and purchase, the entire lot, you will not be able to separate the coin from the rest of the lot. Auctions are great places to meet other collectors, where you can buy coin rolls, international coins, and United States gold coins, just to name a few of many options. Don’t spend all your time on purchasing coins, get to know some other collectors, and familiarize yourself with how the auction works.

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